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Hello world! I am finally back from outer space! How’s everyone doing out there? How’s your first weeks of 2017? Wow, time passes so quickly now. The first month of the year is almost ending and we will be entering another month of 2017. I hope you are all having a wonderful start of the year and that the rest of it will always bring more blessings, peace, contentment and good health to all of you.

So far, things are getting very better for me and I am so thankful about it. I hope this year, I can travel to some places I never been to. My greatest wish of all is to always have good health always and that all basic needs are provided from day to day.

Anyway back to the main topic… I have a friend before who was asking me to buy a musical accessories called MF mxr distortion plus. The main problem is the shipping to his country. I might have a difficulty shipping it to him so I decided not to order it for him. I old him to visit the site where he can buy it. Until now, I have not heard from him so I guess, he already bought what he needed.

If you are trying to search for any musical instruments, gadgets and accessories, don’t hesitate to visit Musicians Friend. They will be happy to serve you! Enjoy shopping!

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