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What a busy weekend! I need to finish some online task before I pack my luggage. Yes, I am traveling again soon! It is not a month yet since I arrived from a recent trip in Europe. Today, I have to slowly take care of my luggage  also. One more working week and I am ready to hit the road again.

I wish one day, I can buy and drive a perfect vehicle for road trips. We are working on that and slowly saving money for it. Here are some things I consider in choosing for the right road tripping vehicle:

Good for On and Off Roads

Can you imagine when you are driving on an unpaved roads? Imagine  road tripping in  Africa where many of the roads are not cemented.  I watched a lot of  travel documentations in Africa and  many roads are so bad. It is not cemented and it feels like you are driving on a ditch or roads full of  holes or stones. Driving on the roads of Europe or in the US  is  fine since most roads are paved.

More Space

This is one thing we need to consider also. My best friend told me that we must buy a vehicle where we can sleep also. Who knows we will stuck up in  the middle of the road and no hotels out there. I believed we need to buy an RV  or Motorhome instead.

Price is Right

This is one thing that we also need to consider. It must be affordable  without trying to sacrifice for the quality. There are many  car shops out there like Cars.com who offers used and new cars. I don’t really mind buying a second hand car as long as it is still in good condition and with less miles.

Big thanks to Cars.com also for  the great tips in buying cars. Most of all, thank you for the great reviews and videos which would surely help us in deciding which car to buy that perfectly fit  for our road tripping in the future and for our pocket as well!

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