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It was the third day of sightseeing in Turkey.  We stayed in a nice hotel in Ayvalik and from there, the bus will start rolling going to our next destination which is Sardis.  That morning, I set the  alarm at 5:30 and even set it two times to make it sure that I will wake up at the right time.  I need to be ready before before going  for breakfast which starts at 6:00.  At around 7:30, the bus already started its journey.

The Altar outside the entrance of Artemis much older than the temple, from as early as the 6th century BC. In the Hellenistic period the altar was incorporated into a large stepped platform that still exists.

The sky was gray and cloudy when we left Ayvalik. After an hour driving on the road, the sun was slowly shining. This is the advantage of going in a group tour, everything is already organized and you don’t need to worry about accommodation, meals and transportation. Read more… »

It was a memorable trip last summer 2014 in Poland. You know why?  It is where I celebrated my birthday. One of the places I visited was Opole. It is a city in southern Poland on the Oder River (Odra).  The city is also known as the capital of the historical region Upper Silesia.

I had the chance to go around the city with other   German tourists. We actually had a tour guide that time.  After the tour, we were given the time  to explore  the place on our own.  For now, let me just share this photo of a beautiful fountain in Opole since I am slowly going to workland.

The fountain on the Daszynski’s square in Opole, Poland, sculpted by Edmund Gomansky.

I had a great time visiting Linz especially its Christmas Market. Thanks to this bus company from Regensburg, Germany, who offered a cheap trip to Austria’s third largest city. I did not regret booking that trip. Even though I was alone during that travel, I still made the most and best of it.  It  was so far a wonderful   time  for me visiting  Linz!

Austria.Linz.DSC_7555.©RB Images

The Christmas market in Linz Hauptplatz or Main Square.

Christkindl Market Main Square
The scenery for the lovely Christkindl Market is the baroque main square. Here you will find handicrafts, warming drinks and delicious gingerbread.
Where: Main Square
When: 23rd November – 24th December 2013
Opening Hours: Daily: 10:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m. Read more… »

Turkey has been one of the countries that is included in my bucketlist. I thought it was just a dream when I visited it but I was truly there! I can’t believed that this country has a lot of interesting sights to see including its history, culture, traditions, its people and all its historic monuments and buildings. There are simply a lot of things to experience in  Turkey!

Turkey-Pamukkale.DSC08164. © RB Photography
The hot springs and travertines in Pamukkale, Turkey. It is located in Turkey’s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which has a temperate climate for most of the year. These petrified waterfalls/travertine are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Read more… »

I finally visited Maribor, one of the cities  chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2012 along with Guimarães in Portugal. It was only a short stop over for two hours and I am glad that I was there! It was actually a 9-day trip to the different  places and countries in Southeast Europe.  We visited  4 countries and another stop-over to Bosnia-Herzegovina  and that is then a total of 5 countries.  Not really bad,  considering the many things included during that trip and the  hotels we stayed ranges from 3 to 4 stars hotel. Tour guides, breakfast buffet and dinner, trips to  various places were also included in that  holiday package.

The Franciscan Church in Maribor. Taken last April 2013. ©


This medieval festival is finally over. I am happy when I visited it again for the second time. Landshuter Hochzeit known in English as the Landshut Wedding festival is truly a  must to experience when you are in Germany. It is one of the famous and the largest historical pageant in Europe.

The street in the Altstadt or Old City was filled with guests, tourists and spectators. In the background is the brick tower of St. Martin’s church. It is said to be the highest church brick tower in the world. This was taken during our visit last July 14, 2013 ©


The weather was perfect! I thought it was cold during our visit in St. Moritz lately but we were lucky because the weather was really friendly with sunshine the whole day. I packed with me umbrella and raincoat during that visit to this city.  I did not check the weather forecast  before our trip there. Besides, there is no free  WiFi in our hotel and it was quite expensive if you want one.  I guess 5.00 Euros per hour.  Unlike with the other Italian towns and cities I visited in the past,  6-hours of WiFi only cost 5.00 Euros and sometimes it is for free. I need to buy a  Web stick  soon so that I can have an internet connection  in most European Union countries. It is also not so expensive compared to internet charges at the hotels.

The UNESCO World Heritage RhB in St.Moritz, Switzerland during our visit last June 12, 2013. ©


I can’t believed  I was able to visit the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Yes, it is  in Ephesus located in today’s place called Selçuk in Izmir Province, Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city, and later a major Roman city, on the coast of Ionia. I can’t even believed that I stepped to where Jesus walked before in this area.   That was truly a memorable moment in my life visiting historical places like Ephesus.This historical  ruins is truly worth to visit when you plan to go to Turkey.

The great  Theater in Ephesus, Turkey. Taken during our 10-day trip in Turkey last 2011. ©


I was browsing some photo albums this afternoon. I landed in one of  my  albums  taken in San Francisco, California. It is around 8 months now since my visit in this city. I experienced a lot there and I am so thankful about it. I only did not met good friends but I also experienced many interesting sights due to them.  To Ate Mary, Brianna and Jacky, thanks for being  great hosts  and  tour guides. I and my sister are forever grateful about it.  You are simply awesome!

CIMG4093The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

San Francisco (Spanish for “Saint Francis”) was founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for St. Francis of Assisi a few miles away.  The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth, making it the largest city on the West Coast at the time. Read more… »

It was our third day in Ireland. The trip to Connemara including the visit to Kylemore Abbey cost extra. I decided to book it together with the trip to Ring of Kerry which commenced  on the 5th day. If you book it all together, it cost 99.00 Euros. I have no choice because I want to see more places during that 7-day trip to Ireland. I did not regret booking it because I love what I witnessed and experienced to those areas. Connemara is truly  lovely and full of  amazing and breathtaking landscapes.

The beautiful location of Kylemore Abbey. In front of it is a lake.

One of the sights we visited was Kylemore Abbey. The story of this castle was very romantic but at the same time, also very sad. Our tour guide named Kristine, who has a lot of knowledge about Ireland told us how the building of this castle started. It was all love by a man given to his wife, why Kylemore Castle was built. The story  of  Mitchell Henry and his wife Margaret was truly one of a kind. Read more… »


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