The sky was gray during that visit. It was winter and this is what you can expect during this season of the year. Regensburg is one of my favorite cities especially in the region of Bavaria, commonly known as Bayern in German. It is a beautiful city and its medieval centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I can’t exactly remember how many times did I already visited the place but when I have visitors from afar, I  always take them here.

DE.Regensburg.SAM_2608.12.2011.© europetravelpad

Regensburg, also known as Ratisbon in English is a historic city and it is considered as one of the oldest town of Germany. It was founded by the Romans in 179 A.D.

The world’s largest fair has just started! Today, marked the beginning of the 180th celebration of Germany’s most famous festival. Everyone is welcome to visit and party in Theresienwiese, the area where the festival is held in Munich.

At 12:00 noon today, October 21, 2013, Christian Ude, the current mayor of Munich tapped the first barrel of beer in the “Schottenhamel” beer tent. Christian Ude is a member of the German Social Democratic Party and has been the mayor of Munich for two decades. With two strikes, Ude drove the tap into the barrel and spoke the magic words: “O’zapft is!” – “It’s tapped!”

Oktoberfest-europetravelppad.comview of the Oktoberfest while on top of the Ferris Wheel.

Mr. Ude handed the first mug of beer to the Bavarian Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer. Since this will be the last term of office,  somebody else will serve the beer to Horst Seehofer next year. Ude has already reached the the maximum number of terms, thus he can no longer run for office again. Read more… »

Today is called the  Rosenmontag in Germany’s Fasching season.  This is the highlight of the German Karneval,  known in English as carnival.  It is  similar to the  Halloween celebration of the Americans  considering the costumes  worn by those who participate this celebration. Rosenmontag is celebrated in German-speaking countries, including Germany, East Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Rosenmontag is considered to be the “fifth season of the year”. Clubs organize “sessions” which are show events called Sitzung with club members or invited guests performing dance, comedy and songs in costumes. We have been watching the  various “Sitzung” in the different programs in German television since the past two weeks. Among  the few ones that we watched were from Mainz, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and in  Franken  part of Bavaria, Germany. You will surely have a lot of fun if you watch this  Fasching program. You need  to understand  German  for you to relate on it. I am glad that I can already speak and understand basic Deutsch (German).

The famous Chinese Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria, Germany. ©

The famous Chinese Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria, Germany.

During  the  Fasching or carnival season,  most school are closed especially on Rosenmontag and Thursday before  Rosenmontag. I guess this is due to the many events and  celebrations going on during these days. Carnival is not really a national holiday in Germany. Read more… »

What is autumn season? I live in Germany for over nine years now. I have been to many cities and countries in Europe. I experience all the four seasons of the year, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Autumn is one of my favorite season because of its own beauty. I love seeing the changing of the color of the leaves of the trees from green to yellow, golden brown, dark brown, orange, red, pinkish and other colors that attract  our eyes. I simply love it!

Autumn has its own characteristics in which many people in Europe don’t really like. This season is grey because you don’t see sunshine everyday. It keeps on raining and the leaves of many trees are starting to fall down, thus making it bald. I still look at it as the wonder and beauty of autumn.

Here are some snapshots I took from Bavaria, Germany. I love this country!

colorful surroundings you can experience during autumn season. I love it!

i found these lovely tree near the Mc Donald in the nearby town.

Autumn 2012.

I believed I am one of the lucky ones who witnessed the biggest fair or festival in the world! Not only one time but I was there for the fourth time. Can you imagine that? Oktoberfest is truly a must when you happen to visit  Munich during the celebration period.

Here are facts you need  to know about Munich’s Oktoberfest:

-It is an annual 16-day festival held in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, Germany.
-Oktoberfest is the biggest fair in the world visited by over 6 million people every year.
-Carnival rides can be experience during the festival.
-Various delicacies both locals and international can be tasted.
-Millions of liters of beer are being consumed every year!!! lolz!..

More updates to come about this festival. I am still having a jetlag from my vacation in the United States, the Baltic regions and then to the Oktoberfest.
Cheers everyone!

www.europetravelpad.comOne of the beer tents  at the Oktoberfest.

www.europetravelpad.comCarnival rides of all kinds are also present and can be experience by everyone!

www.europetravelpad.comThe Ferris wheel in the Oktoberfest, my favorite!

Fasching or carnival season in Germany  is over.  It ended last Ash Wednesday. The fun and enjoyment during this season has come to an end. What is left are the memories and  the photographs.

We watched again to the Faschingszug  or carnival parade in Hemau. This town is situated on the Tangrintel, a ridge which runs between the rivers Altmühl and Schwarze Laaber in Upper Palatinate region of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany.

It was another fun-filled  celebration of carnival in this town. Just see the snapshots  I have below., all these photos were taken last February  19, 2012 in Hemau were a lot of floats and groups with different motives, colorful costumes and dresses who participated during the carnival parade in Hemau.


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