I  promise I won’t make this post too long! I am about to go to bed so I will make  this fast and furious! Just kidding folks! Yes, I am finally done packing my luggage. The cruise trip is about to commence.  Just one more sleep and we are good to go! This time I am heading again to  Scandinavia and will be visiting Helsinki, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

View of Oslo, Norway as the Aidabella was leaving the port of Oslo. It was wonderful cruise trip we had. © www.europetravelpad.com


As my motto says, “Always plan and book holidays and vacations ahead of time”. This will not only help us save time and money but we can also avoid stress. I believed I am already good when planning a holiday. I don’t only do it for myself but also for friends who are visiting particularly in Europe. Per experience, I don’t have a problem about it and I always see to it that I plan it ahead of time especially when it is a long vacation. Whether it is a Camping or adventure, a sightseeing trip, beach vacation, cruise trip or a family getaway, we should see to it that everything is planned before we take off.

Yesterday morning, I already started planning for my 2013 holidays. In fact, I already booked a cruise trip to the Scandinavian and Baltic Regions in summer next year. I was only saddened because the dates I wanted to spend the cruise were already fully booked. Oh well, at least there are still free slots on the other schedules of the cruise trip. It was so far the cheapest cruise trip I can find online.  I  will  for  sure  bring and  wear the most comfortable Outdoor Footwear in the house during that  vacation. Trips like this require a lot of walking especially during sightseeing in the city.  Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg are included in the cities that we will be visiting. It will be a  7 -day  cruise  and I am happy to see those places included in that trip.

Hamburg Port- http://www.europetravelpad.com/

The Port of Hamburg in Germany, where some of the cruises to Scandinavia and Baltic region starts.

I also booked yesterday some Christmas market trips to Basel and Strasbourg. I am still planning to book  some  other Christmas market trips. There are special offers sent to me and they are really cheap. Compared to driving to those places and booking a hotel, booking the trip to the travel agency is still cheaper for me. My friends who will be coming with me are quite excited to experience the said Christmas markets.

I have a lot of travel plans for next year. I am still looking for cheap travels to more cities and countries that I have not visited yet in Europe. Among the few ones are Croatia, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Cypern and Portugal.

When planning or going for a trip or holiday, I also considered a lot of petty but are important things. I see to it that I always wear comfortable Outdoor Clothing depending on the season that I am traveling. I also bring with me my travel gadgets like camera, papers and pen, umbrella, credit card, travel documents like passport and many others.

I am hoping to visit more countries in Europe in the coming year 2013. Crossing my fingers for it!

I had a conversation today with a friend. We talked about projects and financial matters. We were also talking about  Euro Currencyand how its conversion went so low now compared to US dollars and other currencies worldwide.  Its monetary power truly depreciate the past 4 years since the economic crisis that started last 2008 when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy.  I guess  the financial and economic crisis in Greece also affect the  decrease of value of Euro currency.


A Fifty Euro Bill

The highlight of our conversation is our plan to travel to Egypt next year. We were talking about saving money for that trip and how we can save money when traveling. That was quite exciting because we both love shopping for souvenirs when we travel. Sometimes we have to consider the Currency Exchange Rates of a certain country. For example when we had a trip to the Baltic region recently, we need to know about currency conversion because  Lithuania and Latvia are not using Euro currency. We have to exchange Euros to their monetary unit so that we can buy something. We even used a Currency Converter online to determine if the stuffs we are buying are expensive or not. Thanks to online sites who offer conversion rate services.

Back to our plan to Egypt. She will still ask for a vacation leave. If ever she will be granted, she told me that she is coming for sure. Our  last topic was about saving money when traveling. She simply told me that we just need to avoid buying unnecessary stuffs. I also commented, well “we need to avoid excessive shopping”.  Another thing I told her, we need to avoid eating in an expensive restaurant especially if we don’t have a budget for that. We simply talk   a lot of things and I enjoy  it.

Lastly, I can say that we can save money when we plan our travel ahead of time. And yes, simply avoid unnecessary shopping especially if it is not in your budget. Agree with me folks?

Learning Languages

How I wish I am a polyglot like the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Sad to say, I am not but I am happy to speak and understand some languages. For those who don’t know the meaning of polyglot, it refers to person who can speak and understand several languages with high proficiency. It also means a multilingual person and others also call  this person  a linguist.

If you know two languages, you are called a bilingual. If you know how to speak three languages, you are called a trilingual. I believed I belong to this group. Am I?

If I have to consider knowing languages and dialects, I can probably say I am a polyglot since there is no consensus on exactly how many languages a person has to speak to be a polyglot. I can speak and understand English, German, Filipino or Tagalog and two dialects in the Philippines,  Visayan and Ilongo.

It has been my dream to speak, understand and write many languages. I want to become a certified language translator but I need to attend first a language school to do it. I asked a friend before about going to school for languages and she told me that if I do it, I need to learn and study at least three languages being English as the major one. You can select the other two like German or Spanish, depending on your choice. Actually now, I am still thinking about it.

There are a lot of companies who are engage in language services. Different sectors such as financial, travel, legal, government, logistics, automotive and other international companies always hire a language translator to translate documents and facilitate easy communication in the company.

I guess it is still not too late for me  to study languages.  What do you think guys?


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