How lucky I am to visit Madrid twice and I am thankful about it. I love Spain’s capital and I want to visit it again and again when time and finances are available. There are a lot to see in this city and maybe a month’s visit is not enough to see and to explore everything  including its nearby towns and cities.

Our photo for today is the famous and heraldic symbol of  Madrid, the Statue of the Bear and a madrone tree ((madroño).  Its official name is El Oso y El Madroño.  There was legend  saying about this symbol. It says that the original name of the city was “Usaria”, a Latin word which means “land of bears”.  Due to a large number of this animal that were found in the nearby forest   together with the madroño, this has been the symbol of the city in the Middle Ages. This statue is located in Puerta del Sol, translated as   “Gate of the Sun” in English.

I  always love going around  Puerta del Sol during my second visit in Madrid for three weeks last March 2012.


Statue of Bear and Madrono in Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid, Spain: ©
I took this image during my second visit in Spain’s capital last March 2012.

I was there! I was in Calella last summer of this year. It is a seaside town on the Costa del Maresme. We had a trip there last July 2012 and our main sightseeing were in Barcelona and Mount Montserrat. I also had a walk with friends on the narrow street of this town. It was a nice trip we had in this place because we really did had a lot of fun!

A street in Callela in the region of Catalonia, Spain


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