The sun is shining in this part of the planet! This makes me feel good and it always brightens  my day. How are you folks? I am doing okey  but I miss traveling again. I know  I just returned from my recent travels  but here I go again planning for the next trip.  After cancelling two trips for next month due to career change, I picked-up the phone again awhile ago and booked for a  trip in Europe. I super love this beautiful continent.
The picturesque town of Perast in Montenegro. It lies beneath the hill of St. Ilija (873 m), on a cape that separates the Bay of Risano from that of Kotor, and overlooks the Verige strait, the narrowest part of the Bay of Kotor.

Let me finish this post before going to work. I have to accept the truth that I fall in love with Montenegro the first time I stepped on it.  When I visited it for the first time back in 2013, I told myself that I wanted to go back there again.  It did materialized during  my recent round trip in the Balkans last month. Read more… »

Hello everyone!  How it is going? I hope you had a wonderful celebration of Easter! I had a good one and was so  thankful about it.  The  past days was just quite busy for me both offline and online. I have a lot of things to do before I will hit the road again. This time, I will be visiting  some of the countries in the  Balkans.

Some of you might not be familiar  about   the Balkan countries. I was already asked by some of my friends where and what are the Balkan countries. It is often referred to as the Balkan Peninsula. It is also referred to the countries in “Southeast Europe”. If you have to look at the world map or Europe map, you will surely know where  it is. If not just google it for immediate results. Read more… »


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