I had a conversation today with a friend. We talked about projects and financial matters. We were also talking about  Euro Currencyand how its conversion went so low now compared to US dollars and other currencies worldwide.  Its monetary power truly depreciate the past 4 years since the economic crisis that started last 2008 when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy.  I guess  the financial and economic crisis in Greece also affect the  decrease of value of Euro currency.


A Fifty Euro Bill

The highlight of our conversation is our plan to travel to Egypt next year. We were talking about saving money for that trip and how we can save money when traveling. That was quite exciting because we both love shopping for souvenirs when we travel. Sometimes we have to consider the Currency Exchange Rates of a certain country. For example when we had a trip to the Baltic region recently, we need to know about currency conversion because  Lithuania and Latvia are not using Euro currency. We have to exchange Euros to their monetary unit so that we can buy something. We even used a Currency Converter online to determine if the stuffs we are buying are expensive or not. Thanks to online sites who offer conversion rate services.

Back to our plan to Egypt. She will still ask for a vacation leave. If ever she will be granted, she told me that she is coming for sure. Our  last topic was about saving money when traveling. She simply told me that we just need to avoid buying unnecessary stuffs. I also commented, well “we need to avoid excessive shopping”.  Another thing I told her, we need to avoid eating in an expensive restaurant especially if we don’t have a budget for that. We simply talk   a lot of things and I enjoy  it.

Lastly, I can say that we can save money when we plan our travel ahead of time. And yes, simply avoid unnecessary shopping especially if it is not in your budget. Agree with me folks?

Places To Spend Your Golf Holidays

There are a lot of lovely places to visit in this earth. Whether you want a beach holiday, sports holiday, sightseeing tour, party trip or any kind of travel you wish to experience, each country has for sure something to offer. But for your Golf  Holidays, there are special places where you can spend a fantastic and worth to remember trip.

Here are some of the places and countries for your golf  holidays;

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country in Europe. It is not only famous for its historic cities, great beaches, fun nightlife but also for its Golf  Courses. Costa del Sol for example attracts golfers from the different parts of Europe like UK, Germany, Sweden and more. Its exotic location with its nice beaches and nightlife are only some of the reasons why European golfers are coming to this part of Spain. Majorca, Costa Brava, Murcia and Costa dela Luz are  only some of the other places in Spain where you can spend a fantastic golf holiday.

A beach in Costa Brava, Spain. © europetravelpad.com

How about a golf holiday in Algarve? Because of its clean and great beaches, Algarve has become the most popular vacation destination in Portugal. Algarve Golf Holidays has also become famous especially for those tourists who love this sport. There are a lot of golf resorts in this area. Among the few good ones are found in Vilamoura, Albufeira, the Penina Golf Hotel, the Quinta Da Ria and Quinta Da Cima courses near Tavira. If you plan  well your golf holiday to this places, you can surely find Golf  Holiday Offers that best fit your  budget.

Golf  Holiday in Turkey– It is a Eurasian country. This means that it is located both in Europe and in Asia and the only country in the world that is located in two continents. It is unbelievable but golf holidays in Turkey are increasing faster that any other golf destination. A few of the several golf hotels in this country who own courses are Cornelia Diamond, Sirene Golf Hotel, Gloria Golf Resort and some other more. The Belek region in Turkey are famous to European golfers especially for the British tourists.
In order for your golf holiday to be more successful and memorable, plan it ahead of time and choose the right season and place to spend it.

I can’t imagine how many people are searching for cheap flights at the moment. Who wants to pay for high airfares anyway? With the economic and financial crisis that millions of people are experiencing at this time, everyone are simply looking for cheap but quality goods or services. For example, some might be complaining of expensive airfare but I guess sometimes we are at fault.  In the first place, we don’t plan our travel ahead of time. Planning ahead of time will surely save us time and money and yes, stress as well.
I remember the time when I was planning for a vacation in the United States and I was looking for cheap flights from Europe to Las Vegas. I also planned to travel from states to states which means that I really need to find the cheapest flights I can when traveling to the different cities there. I was planning to go there in July 2012 but since I can no longer find an affordable airfare, I ended up flying there one month later. It was my fault when the flights went expensive because I did not booked it ahead of time. When I changed my travel dates, I truly found cheap flights. I saved  some hundreds of dollars  when I decided to travel  one month later.

Here are quick tips on how to find cheap flights:

1. Plan your trip ahead of time and you can surely find cheap flights. Sometimes last minutes are really very expensive.

2. Look for affordable airways. In Europe for example, there are a lot of discount airlines you can choose from. Ryanair, Eastern Airways, Easyjet, German Wings, Air Berlin are only among the affordable ones.

3. There are airlines that offer  really cheap last minute flights. You are lucky if you find one.

4. Watch for airline promotions and offers.

5. Join airline raffles or contests. You might be lucky to have free round trip tickets including accommodation and pocket money.

6. Read travel magazines. Sometimes there are promo codes you can use there to avail of airline discounts.

Many jazz aficionados do not know that there are many jazz festivals taking place each year, in various European countries and towns. They are well-organized events that attract some of the best talents in the business.

The following are some of the best and most popular European live jazz festivals showcased across the region:

Varna Jazz Festival, Bulgaria

This festival was started in 1992 and it happens in Varna, which is a small city located in Bulgaria near the Black Sea. It is the largest Jazz festival in Bulgaria and it attracts talent mostly from around Europe. It takes place for 3 days and it is held in the courtyard of the Archeological museum. The director of this festival is a gentleman by the name of Anatoly Vapirov, who is also an accomplished saxophonist.

Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Austria

This town is located in Austria, near the Czech border. This jazz festival started in 1986 and has managed to become a highly acclaimed European Jazz festival. The focus of this festival is improvisation, at the same time this festival is also known for so called hybrid music. This would be jazz fused with other forms of music. The primary concerts are done at the Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg building, however there are other venues showcasing special music projects.

Vilnius Jazz Festival, Lithuania

Vilnius is a town situated in Lithuania and it started a jazz festival back in 1988. The first reason for starting this festival was an act of rebellion against the former Soviet Union. It was a way for Lithuania to show its differences with the Soviet Union. Even though this festival has political roots, it has grown to become an astounding jazz festival, attracting talent from all over the world. It is known for its highly creative and ambitious talents, stretching musical improvisation to its limits. This festival is ultimately linked to the growth of a distinctive style of jazz known as Vilnius jazz.

Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, Austria

This jazz festival was started in 1980 in the town of Nickelsdorf which is located near the border of Hungary. Ever since this festival started it has attracted the top talents from America, Europe and Japan, making it a virtual Mecca for improvised jazz music. This place can be described as a small village and the festival takes place outdoors. It is organized by the Nickelsdorf Jazz Gallery.

Europe is one of the most fascinating places on earth. Despite the fact that other continents have more diverse ecosystems, Europe continues to attract visitors due to the sheer beauty of its land.

1) Lonely Planet Guides

These are one of the most popular travel books. Each guide either covers a certain country or provides information on a specific region. Lonely Planet book cover important cultural, geographical and landmark information which is continuously updated by local experts.

2) Frommers

A brainchild of Arthur Frommer, who revolutionized budget travel by writing ‘Europe on $5 a day’ in 1957, these guides and online portal are considered to be the authority on European destinations. In fact, most of the landmarks and places of interest are regularly visited by experts, who rate each site on a standard scale. Readers also like to view many budget deals that are otherwise difficult to locate in other guidebooks.

3) Fodors

A direct competitor to Frommers, Fodors guides are known for their intimate detail. Each guidebook contains numerous colorful illustrations and extensive commentary on multiple sites. There are special sections on ‘must see’ little known gems. This company is known to exclusively cover regions of Europe.

4) Visit Europe Website

The European Commission’s guide to Europe is perhaps one of the most authentic free European tours and travel websites on Europe. It contains useful information on planning trips. There are various sections which provide additional details on car hire, cheap flights and hotel bookings. A direct partnership with many European travel operators ensures that tourists are able to get the best price without scarifying quality.

5) Alastair Sawdays

No visitor to Europe should visit the continent without glimpsing Alastair Sawday’s website. Although, the guidebooks and the website provide information on hotels but every hotel listed in these guides is truly an amazing place to stay. In fact, the website is among those few information portals which provide complete free access to hard cover additions of the printed editions.

There are a lot of things to consider when traveling. I wish to share some of these here according to my own experience. Doing these stuffs might help you avoid stress and hectic when you spend your holiday. It might even help you save time and money.


I read a blog before that says, there is such a thing called “free travel”. Would you believe in this? I may say, “yes” but on the other side, I will also say, “no”. If you probably win in a travel promo that says, “All are included in the trip plus pocket money”, then I can say that it is truly one hundred percent free! That is the reason why first and foremost, you need to consider you budget. Can you afford for your trip? Do you have enough money to spend for it? These are some questions you need to consider. Sometimes there are cheap trips out there when you are lucky enough to find one.


Sometimes, even we have some friends or relatives in a place that we will be visiting, it is not easy to ask if they can give us a room in their house. It is good to know that you can find now cheap holiday accommodation. This is especially true, through the help of computer and internet. All you need to do is type for cheap hotels or apartments in a certain search engine like Google or Yahoo, and there you go, you can a find a lot in the lists.

A beautiful beach in Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines. This was taken during my vacation last 2010


This is also very important in considering your holiday. If you are working, you always need an approval from your boss. In fact, you need to fill-out first a vacation leave form some weeks or even months before your can take your holiday. Whether you will spend a three-day or a month’s vacation, your boss will need to approve it first.

I believed those are the most important ones to consider when going for a holiday. I might share some other more in my next post. Lastly, take time to plan ahead for your vacation. This can help you save time and money. Have a safe and sound trip!


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