As my motto says, “Always plan and book holidays and vacations ahead of time”. This will not only help us save time and money but we can also avoid stress. I believed I am already good when planning a holiday. I don’t only do it for myself but also for friends who are visiting particularly in Europe. Per experience, I don’t have a problem about it and I always see to it that I plan it ahead of time especially when it is a long vacation. Whether it is a Camping or adventure, a sightseeing trip, beach vacation, cruise trip or a family getaway, we should see to it that everything is planned before we take off.

Yesterday morning, I already started planning for my 2013 holidays. In fact, I already booked a cruise trip to the Scandinavian and Baltic Regions in summer next year. I was only saddened because the dates I wanted to spend the cruise were already fully booked. Oh well, at least there are still free slots on the other schedules of the cruise trip. It was so far the cheapest cruise trip I can find online.  I  will  for  sure  bring and  wear the most comfortable Outdoor Footwear in the house during that  vacation. Trips like this require a lot of walking especially during sightseeing in the city.  Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg are included in the cities that we will be visiting. It will be a  7 -day  cruise  and I am happy to see those places included in that trip.

Hamburg Port-

The Port of Hamburg in Germany, where some of the cruises to Scandinavia and Baltic region starts.

I also booked yesterday some Christmas market trips to Basel and Strasbourg. I am still planning to book  some  other Christmas market trips. There are special offers sent to me and they are really cheap. Compared to driving to those places and booking a hotel, booking the trip to the travel agency is still cheaper for me. My friends who will be coming with me are quite excited to experience the said Christmas markets.

I have a lot of travel plans for next year. I am still looking for cheap travels to more cities and countries that I have not visited yet in Europe. Among the few ones are Croatia, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Cypern and Portugal.

When planning or going for a trip or holiday, I also considered a lot of petty but are important things. I see to it that I always wear comfortable Outdoor Clothing depending on the season that I am traveling. I also bring with me my travel gadgets like camera, papers and pen, umbrella, credit card, travel documents like passport and many others.

I am hoping to visit more countries in Europe in the coming year 2013. Crossing my fingers for it!


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